My passions shape my work. From food to social change, I believe in creating a better future.

A few years ago I travelled coast to coast across Canada, visiting and working on farms that varied from small homesteads to ranches spanning thousands of acres. This journey sparked a passion in me to learn more and connect with where my food comes from, and I have spent the last four years working in the local food and farming sector. Through my project coordination work and my writing and photography, I am passionate about creating a sustainable food future. 

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My journey to connect with my food by meeting and telling the stories of producers in and around Bristol


After spending several years farming, connecting to my food is important to me. But how do you do that living in the city? Who is producing my food and how? Where is it grown and raised? I set out to meet the people who could answer these questions for me, and found myself journeying into the farming and food sector around Bristol.


Writing about a broad range of topics from farms to bridges, I love telling stories and capturing the curious details along the way


The common thread weaving through my work is stories; from the tales that shaped our landscape to the people defining our food movement, I love to use my writing to connect people with a place or person in a new way.

My passion for food and farming stretches into my freelance work and I'm often found in fields or polytunnels in search of a story.


From farms to festivals, I love capturing a moment or hunting out a new perspective on a familiar place


From the first time I picked up a camera I found myself fascinated by light and angles. A constant companion when travelling or adventuring, my camera also finds its way onto the farms I visit where I love to document the people and land that feeds us. I see photography as a route to connecting us with people or places, and love to accompany my writing with the perfect image.