Walnut Magazine - Eat your Seagreens

A Q&A with Seagreens founder Simon Ranger looking at the importance of seaweed and how his values have shaped his business.

"Where do you see the crossover between food and health in today’s culture?
You still find nutrition supplements in one part of a health store, and foods in another. But the
dividing line is increasingly blurring as many brands, even in the mainstream, are now producing products that are absolutely food, but it's carefully produced, highly nutritious food that is valuable for your body and may come in the form of a ready meal, a carton or a capsule. The health message is being taken seriously, and consumers are not afraid to demand information. I think these are good signs. Know your self, yes - and know your food!"

Excerpt from Walnut Magazine, Issue 02, August 2017. Words only.