Farmdrop - Bristol in 24 hours: the ultimate sustainable eating guide

A feature looking at where to eat and drink ethically in and around Bristol, covering restaurants, cocktail bars and snack stops. 

"Poco - A firm Bristol favourite for their skill in matching the warmest of atmospheres and reliably delicious fare with a fierce loyalty to local sourcing. Start with a cold glass of Dunleavy Vineyard rosé wine while you peruse their seasonal and ever changing menu, noting their proudly displayed (very long) list of local producers on the blackboard. Expect dishes like Wye Valley asparagus, paired with labneh, lemon and Hodmedod’s British quinoa. Or heritage Isle of White tomatoes paired with lovage and aged mature Cornish Gouda, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for free-range, pasture-fed goat kid on the menu, sourced from Cotswold-based, Just Kidding. Crowned Sustainable Restaurant of the Year in 2016, their drive for sustainability stretches far beyond their sourcing, seeing them address food waste at each stage of the process, from produce ordering to composting."

Excerpt from Farmdrop, June 2018, words only. 

Image by Ben Pryor.