Farmdrop - The Bristol initiatives using food for good

A blog post looking at some of the most inspiring initiatives in Bristol, from urban farming to food waste.

"Up on the Troopers Hill allotment, between beds of runner beans and strawberry patches, a small community of Bristolians are keeping goats. Street Goat started two years ago after a crowdfunding campaign helped them raise the start-up costs – now around 15 people help with the weekly chores of milking, feeding, mucking out and site maintenance. ‘I always wanted to keep goats,’ Carol Laslett, one of the group of goat-tenders explains. ‘Doing it cooperatively means you share the responsibilities,’ she continues, explaining how they rotate the goats between different fenced areas, as well as collecting allotment waste and branches to supplement their diet. They also take male kids from the dairy industry (similar to Just Kidding) and used them for conservation grazing and clearing overgrown land before butchering them for meat."

Excerpt from Farmdrop, August 2018, words.