Sustainable Food Trust - Eating Your Values - 5 questions to ask your butcher

The first in a series looking at how people can eat in a way more aligned with their values. Co-written with Joe Wheatcroft from Source Food Hall.

"Many of us would like to shop ethically and in line with our values when it comes to buying meat. But while this might sound like a simple thing to do, in practice it can be a complicated web of labels, terminology and increasing confusion. While a certification label will tell you certain things about the meat you are considering buying, if you go to a local butcher rather than your local supermarket, you can dig deeper into the issues.

We’ve come up with some questions that can help you to find the information you need. As consumers, we are often nervous about asking questions in shops, but the more questions we ask, the more butchers and retailers will realise that these issues are important to their customers.  It’s an opportunity for us to help businesses create change from within the system."

Excerpt from Sustainable Food Trust, January 2018, Words and photographs