Sustainable Food Trust - Eating Your Values - 5 questions to ask your fishmonger


The second in a series looking at how people can eat in a way more aligned with their values. Co-written with Joe Wheatcroft from Source Food Hall.

"Buying sustainably sourced fish is a priority for many people, but what ‘sustainable’ means in this context is incredibly complicated to navigate, with few clear ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. While the meat we eat comes from a few different species that can be identified and certified relatively easily, fish is a much more complex matter. There are a huge number of different species and each comes with their own sourcing issues and challenges. Buying your fish from a fishmonger gives you an opportunity to learn more about these challenges and ask questions about the seasonality and sourcing of the fish you’re buying."

Excerpt from Sustainable Food Trust, February 2018, Words