Sustainable Food Trust - Eating Your Values - 5 questions to ask in a restaurant

The first in a series looking at how people can eat in a way more aligned with their values. Co-written with Joe Wheatcroft from Source Food Hall.

"When it comes to asking questions in a restaurant, many of us are fearful of being seen as fussy or awkward customers. But by speaking up and asking for information about provenance and the ethics of ingredients, we make these issues important; if you don’t ask questions, the owners and chefs won’t know that these matters concern their customers.

While front of house staff aren’t usually directly involved in sourcing, it may inspire restaurants and cafes to engage all their staff in these issues so they are prepared to respond to questions and trained accordingly. So how do you make sure the food you’re eating when out is aligned with your values? And what are the main issues surrounding sourcing in restaurants?"

Excerpt from Sustainable Food Trust, March 2018, Words