Countryfile Magazine - Hello, Old Bean!

Feature on the rise, fall and rise again of the fava or field bean. Focuses on Hodmedod, a company who are working with British farmers to reintroduce UK grown pulses into our diets. 

"“The world is but a hill of beans,” so begins Ken Albala’s book dedicated to beans. “Nearly every place on earth has its own native species and nearly every culture has depended on beans.” At the mention of a British variety, however, most people think of baked beans – navy beans stewed in thick, sweet, tomato sauce. But despite a can being sold every 17 seconds, centuries before the advent of Heinz’s 57 varieties there was another bean that dominated the British diet. Thanks to one company who are championing its revival, the reign of the fava bean might not yet be over."

Excerpt from Countryfile Magazine, February 2018 (issue 134), words only.