Ernest Journal - 30 hours off-grid

A travel feature, exploring the off-grid island of Lasqueti, nestled off the west coast of British Columbia.

"I immediately notice a Lasqueti institution that I’d read about online: the honesty-box cookie stand. It’s even more incredible than I’d imagined: shelf upon shelf of Rice Krispie squares, chewy ginger snaps, crack cookies (didn’t ask) and banana muffins. As I stand in awe (and
indecision), I get chatting to a young couple who are staring at “la shack” and ferreting around in their pockets for change. I treat them to a peanut butter cookie.

Ten minutes later, we’re crammed into the back of a pick-up, along with four other arrivals and a large shaggy dog. It appears I’ve arrived on a fortuitous day, as most of island’s 300 (often reclusive) residents are heading to the community hall to celebrate the Fall Fair, drink scrumpy and have an outer island knees-up.

We’re greeted by the smoky smell of roasting pig and the sound of fiddles and tin whistles on the porch."

Excerpt from Ernest Journal Issue 5, August 2016. Words and photographs.