Ernest Journal - Living Small

A feature exploring the lives of people who live in tiny homes, small micro-dwellings on trailer bases, on the west coast of Canada. 

"The first tiny home dwellers to open the doors of their micro- house to me were Max and Heidi, who have been living in their quirky 200ft-square house for just over two years. They built the whole thing themselves (albeit with a little help from their friends) for around £700, and every nook and cranny echoes their eccentric personalities. The fact that it ended up being a little shorter and a touch taller than they expected makes sense when you’ve spent more than five minutes with Max. And the hammock strung above the bed to dry nettles, toy figures balanced on wall boards, and the homemade cider stashed behind the loft ladder seem perfectly natural when you’ve seen Heidi’s creative side in action."

Exerpt from Ernest Journal Issue 2, August 2014, Words and photographs