Let's Explore Magazine - The Two Places I Call Home

A four page feature looking at the notion of home and the process of decision making.

"It’s early July 2015. I don’t know the date because the days run into each other here, the number a measure that’s meaningless in this place. I’m sat by a river; the wide, slow moving Slocan River in British Columbia, Canada. It’s 35 degrees, and I’m cradling a beer as my skin dries off after a swim. Across the water, tree covered hills rise up the other side of the valley; the scenery a spectrum of greens in the summer sun.

The time has come to decide; the clock keeps ticking and visas need to be applied for or plane tickets bought. I can’t put it off any longer - I have to choose a path. But it’s not as simple as just staying or going. I’m picking between two places I call home; places that make me happy and fulfil me, but in very different ways. How do you make such a choice, when the two options lead in such different directions, and there’s no second chances?"

Excerpt from Let's Explore Magazine, October 2016. Words and photographs.