Walnut Magazine - You've got to be kidding

A feature interviewing Lizzie Dyer from Just Kidding, who raises male goat kids, a by product of the dairy industry.

“Fancy a cuppa?” Lizzie asks, emerging from the barn as I arrive, her clothes dusted with a layer of straw, interrupted mid-chores. We wander over to the kitchen, the sun peeking through fractured clouds over the Cotswold hills, a welcome sign after the washout of the last few weeks. Swiftly armed with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, we return to the barn so she can finish laying new bedding; a task made more difficult by the mob of kid goats who are constantly clambering on her, chewing her clothes, and generally doing an exceptional job of just getting in the way.”

Excerpt from Walnut Magazine, April 2019, Photos and words