Where is your HOME?

It’s a question that at first might seem simple. Your thoughts flicker to a building, person or familiar place, a flush of emotions triggered by the memory. Pause for a moment; think about WHY that is your home. What about it makes it so? What emotions does it hold for you? Do you have any control over what makes your home?

HOME is a word that has many different meanings for people. Whether it’s a specific house, a country, culture, person or just a feeling, we know it when we find it. It’s a universal question with a thousand different answers. And that's what makes it so interesting.

On a journey to explore what home is and what it means to us, both as individuals but also as a society, I am setting out to hear people’s stories. Stories of homes current and past. Homes on the other side of the world, or that have passed down through generations of a family. People with a hundred different homes and people who've known only one. Homes that are a state of mind or a physical person.

It’s difficult to describe who I’m looking to speak to; I guess people who have really thought about the idea and have a story to tell. People who have a strong sense of their own home, whatever or wherever it might be, and who are willing to talk openly and at some length with me about it. People who’ve lived in the same house their whole lives, or people who’ve just never stopped moving. People who moved across the world and found home, or people who came back because it wasn’t there. People who were forced to leave their home, or people who built it with their own hands. People with a story to share.

If you have a story to share or know someone who does, please get in touch.